Welcome to Girlz Ink Training Academy!

– Where skill, education and passion meet –

The hands-on classes at Girlz Ink were developed and perfected for high level education, engagement, learning and retention.  We’ve taken all those years of experience in the classroom, all the feedback from our students and certainly all that passion to produce the highly acclaimed Girlz Ink On-line Training Academy. 

It is our goal and our intention to teach our on-line students the techniques, tools and information needed to elevate you to your highest level of skill and success.

The Girlz Ink Academy is unique in so many ways, for example we do not feature just one artist/trainer, we feature several talented and skilled artist/trainers.  In this initial launch you will find classes by both Teryn Darling and Amber Guthery, with classes by Mary Ritcherson and several other top artist/trainers being added throughout the year.

Girlz Ink Academy Highlights

Learning from us here at Girlz Ink is more accessible than ever before and we are proud to offer all our courses at a fair and affordable price.

Are you ready to get started?

Training Courses

Powder Brow Course by Teryn Darling

Finally…a brow course featuring the bigger shader needles and circular movements!  Single needle whip shading…

Li-FT Ink Removal by Teryn Darling

The Li-FT Ink Removal Class is the most talked about and highest referred removal class…

Combination Brows by Amber Guthery

Today many clients want a combination of hair strokes and shading, sometimes a combination brow…

Winged Eyeliner Course by Amber Guthery

Wing Eyeliner course by Amber Guthery

3D Areola Course by Hayley Shortridge-Gabriel

With Hayley’s 3D Areola technique you can use your skills to help survivors restore what once was lost and change lives.