Winged Eyeliner Course by Amber Guthery

In this winged eyeliner course Amber will be demonstrating all her movements and techniques on how she achieves her stunning winged eyeliner.  The winged eyeliner involves a variety of techniques.

This class will showcase Ambers shading movement; used to achieve solid black, and her shoveling movement that she uses to create the beautiful, detailed design.

Amber features one complete live procedure teaching you everything you need to know to master the winged eyeliner procedure. You will learn how to use both techniques in just one procedure in order to achieve even saturation and long-lasting results.

Course Highlights

This is a well-rounded course full of detail and high education suitable for the new artist as well as the advanced. This course will teach you how to lock in your design, never having to worry about symmetry again with Ambers phenomenal step by step Eyeliner Mapping! All this is sure to get you excited to go out there and create beautiful winged eyeliner!

  • Detailed theory section that is all video, NO SLIDES. The theory section is super engaging, exciting and full of detailed education. You will not fall asleep with our theory portion!
  • Movements: Shading and Shoveling Movements
  • Amber’s eyeliner mapping, step by step
  • Complete breakdown as to where to use what tattoo movements
  • Needles - What needles Amber uses for each technique
  • Needles - How to Inspect Your Needle
  • Needles - Needle angle to skin
  • Color Theory - Skin undertones
  • Color Theory - Iron oxide vs Carbon
  • Color Theory - When and where to use carbon on an eyeliner
  • Color Theory - Pigment choice
  • Proper Stretch
  • Proper Tray Set Up
  • Discuss a variety of eye shapes
  • Find out who is a candidate for winged eyeliner
  • Setting Your Power Box Numbers
  • After Care
  • Full Procedure Video with live narration
  • Variety of quick reference print outs to use after the course
  • Extensive product overview
  • Detailed Handout
  • Certificate of Attendance
Karen Coates Nicholson
Karen Coates Nicholson@KarenCoatesNicholson
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I purchased the wing eyeliner course by Girlz Ink. I loved it! Answered the very questions I needed answering. Best money I spent for training. Super organized, thorough, well taught, and worth every penny. Dammit now I have to buy the other packages...ugh!

Course Trainer - Amber Guthery

Amber Guthery - Girlz Ink Trainer

Amber Guthery is a permanent makeup artist who has been tattooing in the industry at Girlz Ink Studio in Las Vegas for 5 years. Amber has an extensive artistic background in design, and she feels that this has helped her in her progress tremendously within the Permanent Makeup Industry. Very soon into her career, Amber became very well known for her eyeliner work. Some would say the she’s one of the best!

Amber also enjoys tattooing powder brows, ombre brows, machine hair-stroke brows, lips and even corrections and removals. She prides herself on being a very versatile artist. “It keeps ya on your toes every single day!”

In Vegas, Amber gets asked to do a lot of bold permanent makeup procedures! “We do showgirls, performers, cocktail servers…A LOT of industry people who want the infamous makeup look!”

Ambers dedication, drive, and ambition makes her ready for anything that comes her way! With all the knowledge she has gained from her experiences, her dedication to her craft and to her students, and her high standards she sets upon herself.

Amber is considered to be one of the best young trainers in the industry today.