The Needle and The Prick® Course by Teryn Darling

$275 - 12 Month Access

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The ultimate needle course. To just simply pick up any needle at random and hope it will create the kind of work you are wanting is a big gamble…even if you are skilled in your procedures.  Choosing and using the right needle for each procedure you are doing will allow you to work with ultimate efficiency, complete the procedure faster and achieve a more predictable healed result.  When we work more efficiently and spend less time in the skin…less trauma is caused to the skin and our work heals better.

Cosmetic tattoo artists have the important task of selecting the appropriate needle diameter size, count, taper and configuration for every procedure performed. The needle dictates the footprint left behind in the skin so choosing the right needle is crucial not only to achieve the artistic result wanted, but again…to tattoo every procedure with efficiency. 

Choosing the right needle directly impacts our work and our results. Teryn is one of the select few cosmetic tattoo artists who learned the dying art of needle making and for years every procedure she performed was done with a needle she made. She understands the importance and complexities of tattoo needles. With thousands of procedures to her credit, Teryn will guide you through the science of needles ensuring that the outcome of your procedures becomes more predictable. She will give you the insight necessary to analytically and artistically explore the heart of procedure perfection…the needle.

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Course Highlights

This course offers an in depth and engaging theory portion that delivers important needle education that every PMU artist should know.  Topics from the theory portion were organized into detailed, written chapters for easy to find information. This course also contains over 6 hours of video.  In this course you will learn:

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Course Outline

1. Welcome!

2. Discount Code

3. Theory Part One

4. Theory Part Two

5. Theory Part Three

6. Theory Part Four

7. Downloadable Handout

8. Needle Graphics Cheat Sheet (Downloadable)

9. Watch Me Actually Make Needles!

10. Gauge vs. Sharps

11. Needle on the Bar, Cartridge and Handtool

12. Also Known as the Traditional Needle

13. Proprietary vs. Universal

14. Membrane 

15. The Difference in Cartridge Tips

16. Direct Insert or Disposable Grip

17. Favorite Cartridge Needles and Links

18. The Disposable One-Time Use “All-in-one” Microblading Tool

19. The Disposable One-Time Use “Two Unit” Microblading Tool

20. The Autoclavable “Two Unit” Microblading Tool

21.Properly Sterilizing the Microblading Tool

22. Flex Blade vs. Hard Blade

23. The “Pin” Sizes

24. Favorite Microblading Grips and Blade Links

25. Four Needle Standards

26. Needle Diameter

27. Lets Look at the Single Needle Diameter Sizes

28. What is a Bugpin? 

29. What is a Taper? 

30. The Different Taper Sizes

31. How Tapers Affect the Skin

32. A Closer Look at Tapers

33. What is Needle Count? 

34. The Single vs. The Large Shader Needles

36. What is the Difference Between a Liner and a Shader?

37. Side by Side Comparison 

38. All About Liners

39. The Liner in Action (Video)

40. The Single Needle in Action (Video)

41. All About Shaders

42. The Shader in Action (Video)

43. Liner and Shader Video Tutorial

44. The Three Different Types of Mags

45. Woven Straight Edge Mag

46. Woven Round or Curved Mag

47. Stacked Mag

48. Mag Video Tutorial 

49. Mag in Action on Lips (Video)

50. Introducing the Hybrid Mag

51. Technical Information

52. Brows Done With A 4 Flat

53. 5 Flat Video Tutorial

54. Technical Information 

55. 3 Slope Video Tutorial

56. Configurations and Guide to Selection

57. Manufacturer’s Perception

58. Disposable Grips for the Cartridge Needle

59. Disposable Grips for The Needle on the Bar

60. The Needle “Float”

61. Why It’s Important to Eye Loupe Every Needle

62. What Are We Looking For?

63. How to Properly Eye Loupe a Needle (Video)

64. The Nickel Concern

65. The Machine/Device Itself

66. Stroke Setting

67. Power Supply Setting

68. Hand Speed: Machine

69. Hand Speed: Manual Method

70. Depth

71. Hand Pressure

72. Needle Angle

73. Needle, Angles and Movement Video

74. Needle Codes

75. Reading Blister Packs and Boxes


76. What is a Textured Needle

77. What is a Carbon Needle?

78. My Conclusion on Needles

79. Needle on the Bar

80. Cartridge Needles

81. Microblading Handles and Blades

82. Disposable Grips


Student Testimonials

Machine & Needle Course Bundle

SAVE $100 when you bundle the Needle & The Prick Course
with the Machine & Movements Course!

If you are new to permanent makeup or body tattooing, or if you started out as a microblader or hand tool artist, crossing over to machine can very intimidating.  Machines are expensive and there are so many to choose from, so how do you know which machine will be a great machine for you?

In this course I will teach you everything you need to know about machines. I will provoke your thoughts on many different levels.  Although the only thing I cannot do…is actually put a machine in your hand, this course is so in-depth, detailed and stimulating, I feel confident you will leave this course with a very good understanding of what you need and want in a machine. 

What good is a machine in your hand if you do not know how to move that machine?  I will teach you the six core machine movements used in all the PMU procedures; The Hair Stroke Movement, Circles, Whip Shading, Pendulum, Pointillism and Shoveling.

This course is loaded with written content, a downloadable handout, and video tutorials. This course will help develop you into the versatile and badass machine artist you want to be.

Course Trainer - Teryn Darling

Teryn Darling - Girlz Ink Trainer

Teryn Darling has been a cosmetic tattoo artist for over 19 years. Her background and experience in body tattooing elevated her to be one of the most skilled, versatile and standout PMU artists in the industry.!

Accompanying her reputation as being an amazing artist, Teryn is known all over the world as one of the top educators and speakers on several industry topics such as Needles, Color Theory, Skin Undertones and Pigment Removal. She spent years making her own tattoo needles, a long-time student of color theory and one of the innovators of pigment removal. Teryn is responsible for developing safe and effective techniques to remove migrated eyeliners and freshly done procedures… both in which she was told can not be done. Well… she did it and is now teaching these new techniques to other artists.

She owns the Girlz Ink Studio® along with her partner Kat in Las Vegas where she proudly trained and now houses several top artists. She became the master distributor for Li Pigments® in 2011 and with that she started and cultivated the Girlz Ink® Supply Store. She is a founding partner in Shades and Strokes®… the first and longest running brow class to incorporate all techniques into one class… powder brow, machine hairstroke and microblading. She is a founding partner in Skinful Beauty® which is producing some of the best and most innovative pmu products in the industry today. She is a founding partner of America The Beautiful PMU Conference® and now the Girlz Ink On-line Academy®. All this while still staying at the top of her game with her procedure skills, remaining a badass trainer, humble and down to earth. She is one of the hardest working people in our industry, she is beloved and a mentor to many.

Although Teryn is an innovator, formulator, distributor, entrepreneur and so much more… she considers herself an artist and educator/trainer above all. She has taken all of her knowledge, all that she has experienced and all that she has to give to other artists and put it all together right here on the Girlz Ink Academy. She has brought her high standards of education, training and mentorship to this academy and is confident it will help and nurture artists of all types to reach new levels in their own work.

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!