Micro-Tattooing by Kara Gutierrez

$479 - 12 Month Access

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In this course, renowned mid-western artist, Kara Gutierrez will show you the fundamentals to creating micro art with big meaning.

From designing to lining and everything in between, Kara will walk you through the process of stretching your creativity to level up your career. Throughout the presentation, you’ll feel like you’re talking to an old friend while learning a brand-new skill.

Whether you are a veteran permanent makeup artist, someone trying to make a name for themself, or brand new to the industry, this course is for you.

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Course Highlights

Micro Tattooing has gained popularity in recent years and is meant for every licensed and professional tattooer that wants to give a large amount of happiness in the smallest way.

Micro tattooing has a huge meaning with a minimalist design that you can put just about anywhere. It’s amazing how something so small can sometimes signify so much. Whatever reason for the tattoo, it signifies something to your client.

My goal with this course is to have you leave ready to confidently expand your clientele base by adding Micro Tattooing to your services. I want to make sure you are prepared in every way. In this course you will learn:

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Course Outline

1. Introduction

2. Meet Kara

3. Micro-Tattooing Theory Presentation 

4. About The Course

5. What is Micro-Tattooing?

6. Candidates for Micro-Tattooing

7. History

8. Thomas Edison and How We Tattoo Today


9. Overview 

10. Rules

11. Culture Differences

12. PMU vs Body Art Culture – Video

13. Different Inks 

14. Differences in Ink Explained – Video 

15. Numbing

16. Quick Reminder

17. The Skin We’re In

18. What is a Blowout?

19. Do you have what it takes… literally? 

20. Minimum Machine Specifications

21. Before Tattooing a Human

22. Needle Knowledge

23. Needle Configurations

24. Needle Taper & Gauge

25. Needle Angle – Lining

26. Needle Angle – Shading

27. Hand & Machine Speed 

28. How to Stretch/Stabilize the Skin

29. Machine Set Up

30. Practice Material 

31. Practice Exercise – Lines 

32. Line Work 

33. Practice Exercise – Shapes

34. Practice Exercise

35. Shading Explained – Video

36. Shading Techniques

37. Whip Shading 

38. Circle Shading

39. Pointillism

40. Demonstrate each movement on Latex


41. Stencils Explained – Video

42. What is a Stencil 

43. How to Stencil

44. Different Ways to use Stencil Paper

45. How to prep and place your stencil 

46. How to use Procreate

47. How to Make a Thermalfax Stencil – Video 

48. Supply Setup for Stencil – Video

49. How to Place a Stencil – Video

50. Consultation

51. Consultations Explained – Video 

52. Design

53. Proper placement of a tattoo

54. Designing a Tattoo – Video

55. Tray Setup

56. Active Tray Setup – Video

57. Machine Wrap – Video 

58. Armrest Wrap – Video

59. Tray Breakdown

60. Tray Breakdown Explained – Video 

61. Do’s & Don’ts 

62. Aftercare

63. Tegaderm Application

64. Aftercare Explanation – Video 

65. No Fly Zone

66. Where to Begin

67. Apprenticeships Explained – Video

68. About Traditional Tattoo Apprenticeship

69. Expectations from Tattooing Body Art vs. PMU

70. PMU Apprenticeships

71. Body Art Apprenticeships 

72. Do’s & Don’t of Apprenticeships 

73. Tatter Tot Video

74. Marketing/Jumpstarting

75. Micro-Tattooing Pricing

76. Extra Tips

77. FAQ

78. Flamingo Tattoo on Practice Latex

79. Making the Flamingo Stencil

80. Tattooing a Flamingo on a LIVE MODEL

81. Rose Tattoo on Practice Latex

82. Making the Rose Stencil 

83. Tattooing a Rose on LIVE MODEL

84. Thank you! 

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Student Testimonials

Course Trainer - Kara Gutierrez

Kara Gutierrez - Girlz Ink Trainer

Kara Gutierrez; Artist, owner and Instructor at Spot on Beauty is a traditional tattooer, Permanent Makeup, Paramedical, Removal specialist and trainer like no other! Kara has the eye of an artist, the hand of a technical expert, and the personality of a trustworthy friend who has your back. Her outgoing high energy attitude & southern charm makes you feel right at home.

Kara got her start through the academic route, earning bachelor’s degrees in communication, sociology, & sports management. Later, she went on to get her master’s in Business Management. Primed for a career in the corporate world, she went through some pretty major life changes with her marriage and birth of her son. At this point, she started to reconsider what she wanted in life and found herself earning a reputation doing tiny nail art at a high-end salon and spa.

Now, you might be asking…. where’s the tattoo background??

Kara discovered microblading through a coworker at the salon and quickly realized it was a way for her to unite her two passions in life, art and business. She sought out a traditional tattoo apprenticeship through shops around her locally, only to find it was way harder than she originally anticipated. After two failed apprenticeships at different shops, she finally landed in a position doing body art, piercings, and was quickly able to integrate PMU into her skillset. Business was booming, however, Kara quickly discovered that PMU does not earn respect among body artists, and respect is the only way to play that game. Over time, she not only earned the respect of her peers, but out earned them financially also!

Now, let’s flash forward a few years. Kara’s PMU career had taken off and she ventured into Li-FT® removal. She became a certified trainer and helped hundreds of women with botched faces in her local community. Enter…the “woman with 4 brows”. This story was picked up globally and Kara went VIRAL for her work trying to help this poor woman.

The problem with virality, is that it’s often cruel. People who never bothered to read the articles or hear the real story were under the impression that Kara was the one who tattooed the bad brows, not the one trying to correct them. As a result, she received threatening calls, death threats, and letters sent to her house. All of this to say, you picked a mentor with thick skin. She’s going to stick with you through the good, bad, and ugly. So, sit back, relax, take notes and understand she’s here to build your confidence to perfect your craft and ignore the nay-sayers.

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!