Map It and Lock It by Michon Martinez

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Does it take you two hours to design eyebrows on your client? Do your client’s  eyebrows look like cousins instead of sisters? Once you get the brows drawn on are you afraid of wiping it off accidentally? Have you just been struggling to get the perfect design? If you answered any of those questions with a yes, then this is the perfect course for you!

In this course, Michon Martinez is going to guide you through different mapping techniques and her own style of mapping…all of which will lead you to amazing, quick brow designs.  Not only will she teach you how to design brows…she is going to teach you how to lock in your design. This will help new artists and technicians that are struggling to get that perfect eyebrow shape and to keep it during the entire procedure!

Over the years, Michon has tested out a variety of mapping techniques and tools to really hone in her skill and find what works best for her. She will show you step by step several different mapping techniques with different tools. This course will be showing you how to use these tools individually, as well as how to combine techniques to find what works best for YOU!

This course will go over the seven different face shapes, different tools such as; the ruler, the caliper, and the string, how to lock in your mapping design with a special marking pencil and how to lock in the design while tattooing. With all of these tools, you will be able to figure out what helps you best, and which technique you like, to help broaden your artistic eye.

Michon’s course features one complete live video of each mapping technique, and several small videos to help demonstrate each tool. You will also be provided with a detailed handout to put this all to practice and help you save time on drawing during a procedure.

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Course Highlights

This class includes but not limited to:

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Course Outline

1. Meet Michon

2. Discount Code

3. Map It and Lock It Power Point

4. Oval

5. Round

6. Oblong

7. Triangle/Pear

8. Square

9. Heart

10. Diamond

11. Face Symmetry

12. Drawing Pencil

13. Brow Grooming

14. Why Not? Tweezers and Waxing

15. Description of the Ruler

16. What products I use with the Ruler

17. Ruler Method: Video Tutorial

18. Ruler Demo

19. Description of The Caliper

20. What products I use with The Caliper

21. Caliper Demo

22. Caliper Method: Video Tutorial

23. Description of The String

24. What products I use with The String

25. String Demo

26. String Method: Video Tutorial

27. Freehand & Ruler

28. My Preferred Mapping Technique Video Tutorial

29. Using Artist Eye

30. Mapping Free Hand

31. Outline The Brow

32. Outline Product Description

33. Outline Video

34. Continued Design Security

35. Lock In your Design Video

36. Tips & Tricks

37. Face Shapes

38. Map It and Lock It Handout

39. Pencil (Party Queen & Girlz Ink) 

40. Razor (Twinkle)

41. Outline Pencil 

42. Ruler 

43. String

44. Thank You for Joining Me

Student Testimonials

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Course Trainer - Michon Martinez

Trainer-Micheon_Martinez - Girlz Ink Trainer

Michon Martinez is a Las Vegas, Nevada native. She has been drawing and painting since she was a small child. Michon engaged in private art lessons as a teenager and has continued developing her sketching and canvas skills into her adult years.

Michon used her artistic eye for detail as a professional photographer. She exercised her talent as a photographer for a prominent Las Vegas Strip Property for over eight years. Her ability to recognize and appreciate individual facial features, uses of light and color complimented her customers and enhanced her photographic skills.

Michon has always been persistent in perfecting her creative flair allowing her to cultivate an artistic appreciation. Using bold compositions, high senses of color, extensive drawing techniques, and utilizing different mediums has helped her practice and master her craft.

Michon attended Euphoria Institute for Beauty, graduating at the top of her Aesthetics class as valedictorian. She continues to be a licensed Aesthetician. Her passion for body tattoos and ink led her to her interest in permanent make-up. Michon was fortunate in being selected to train and apprentice with the world-renowned permanent make-up artist Teryn Darling!

Michon Martinez is an accomplished certified permanent makeup artist specializing in many different techniques at Girlz Ink in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!