NanoLines® Machine Hair Stroke Course by Mary Ritcherson

$479 - 12 Month Access

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It’s finally here, Mary Ritchersons Signature Machine Hair Stroke Technique, NanoLines®.

The Queen of Machine Hair Strokes is super excited to share with you all her tips, tricks and techniques to achieving beautiful, natural and long-lasting results for Hair Strokes.

Not all skin types are suitable for the traditional Microblading Technique, where the pigment is scratched/cut into the skin. This can cause more trauma and poor healing. Technicians are realizing that the skin has more scar tissue and cannot be done more than a couple times. It’s great to have options that fit the need of the client.

With machine work, you puncture the skin in clean strokes, causing less trauma and allowing for subsequent procedures to be performed over the years. When done properly, there is minimal to no bleeding allowing for better healing and long-lasting results.  Less Trauma=Better Retention!

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Course Highlights

Machine hair strokes gives the technician more artistic freedom to create soft, fluffy natural strokes that mimic the appearance of natural hair.  Mary will show you her trademarked techniques for layering & transitioning the strokes, using her Guidelines, Branching & Blending® & Brow Stippling® techniques.  This course will give you the tools to take your brow game to a whole other level.  Here’s what you will get:

Once you have completed Mary’s course, you will be added to Mary’s Private Machine Hair Stroke FB Support Group.  In this group we can critique, troubleshoot & see each other’s progress.

Mary is confident that this course will give you the tools you will need to take your hair stroke brow game to the next level.  With hard work and lots of practice you will be on your way to creating beautiful long-lasting beautiful results.

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Course Outline

  1. Welcome to my Machine Hair Stroke Course

2. Full Audio PowerPoint

3. PowerPoint (Download)

4. Machine vs. Microblading

5. Machines

6. Needles

7. Needle Length and Movement Video

8. Needle PDF

9. Pigment Selection (Download)

10. My Pigment Choices

11. Recommending Teryn’s Color Theory Course

12. The Good Candidate/Pre Screening Criteria

13. The Not So Good Candidate

14. Skin Conditions/Contraindications

15. Know your limits! 

16. Fitzpatrick 1-2


17. My After Care Regimen

18. Trust The Healing Process

19. Creating the Hair Stroke

20. What NOT to do

21. The Bulb of the Brow

22. Combination Brow Template

23. Combination Pencil Draw

24. Combination Latex Tutorial

25. Combination Brow Animated

26. “New” Combination 2 Step Pattern

27. Asian Brow Template

28. Asian Pencil Draw

29. Asian Latex Tutorial 

30. Asian Brow Animated

31. “New” 2 Step Asian Pattern

32. European Template

33. European Pencil Draw

34. European Latex Tutorial 

35. European Animated

36. “New” European 2 Step Pattern

37. Pre-Draw and Numbing (Download)

38. Frame 1 (Drawing Tutorial on paper)

39. Brow Pre-Draw Video

40. Samples of Pre-Draws on Clients

41. Frame 1-2-3-4 frame it! 

42. Example 1-2-3-4 on Skin

43. Branching and Blending Latex Tutorial

44. Before & After Brow Stippling

45. Technique, Movement & Speed Latex Tutorial

46. Close up Brow Stippling

47. Tray Set Up

48. Posture and Positioning

49. Positioning

50. Mary’s Stretch (on model)

51. Pre-numbing the Client (on model)

52. Eyebrow Design (on model)

53. Mary’s Color Selection (on model)

54. The NanoLines Procedure (Full Narrated Procedure)

55. Mary’s Final Words

56. The Consultation

57. Right Brow Pre-Draw Video

58. Left Brow Pre-Draw Video

59. Video Model Immediately After & Healed 8 Months Before Touch up 

60. Client 1 (Patti)

61. Client 2 (Ashley)

62. Immediately After Photos

63. Informed Consent

64. Eyebrow Aftercare

65. Medical History

66. Photo Consent

67. Procedure Record 

68. Oily Skin/Large Pores Addendum

69. Auto Immune Addendum

70. Thyroid Addendum

71. Retinol & Anti Aging Cream Addendum

72. Tan Skin Addendum

73. Alopecia Addendum

74. Trichotillomania Addendum

75. Fitzpatrick 1-2 Addendum

76. Frequent Exercise Addendum

77. Previously Done PMU/Microblading Addendum

78. Menopause/Running Hot Addendum

79. Scar/Piercing or Head Injury Addendum

80. Vitiligo Addendum 

81. Chemotherapy/Radiation/Medications

82. Botox/Filler Addendum

83. Payment (3rd Party) Addendum

84. How to Politely Decline a Client

85. Filler/Botox Addendum

86. Payment for Services Addendum

87. Pre Screening Criteria (Download) 

88. Needles for Hair Strokes (Download) 

89. Creating Natural Hair Strokes (Download) 

90. Full Face with Brows to Frame (Download) 

91. Full Face Pictures (Download) 

92. Eyebrow Diagram (Download)

93. Mary’s Store

94. Girlz Ink Products 

95. Pigment Discs

96. Private 1-2-1

Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!

Student Testimonials

Course Trainer - Mary Ritcherson

Mary Ritcherson, considered to be one of the industry’s top hair stroke brow artist and respected trainers brought her amazing skills and ethics to the Girlz Ink Academy with all her classes. Mary is a proud mother, wife, boss and mimi, born and raised in sunny Florida. Mary attended art school, studied surgical technology and has worked with highly respected Plastic Surgeons prior to starting her career in Permanent Makeup.

Mary has worked in the Permanent Makeup industry for over 15+ years. She completed her Certification in Permanent Makeup in August 2004 & to date she has completed over 15,000+ eyebrow procedures. Mary is licensed in Florida and in Colorado.

Mary Ritcherson is 1 of the 4 founders of America the Beautiful PMU Conferences & Co-Trainer with Teryn Darling for the popular Shades & Strokes® brand.

Mary’s trademarked NanoLines® technique has gained her worldwide recognition allowing her to showcase her work and share her techniques in advanced classes and conferences all over the world.

Mary has mentored some of the top trainers in the world. With humbled beginnings, she truly knows what it takes to be successful and maintain a respectable position in our industry.

Mary recently moved to Colorado to be closer to family and will be offering her services & trainings in Boulder & Fort Collins, Colorado.

Future plans include: Opening an Advanced Training Center in Colorado in 2020 with her daughter, Morgan Meyers., who is also a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist & Medical Esthetician & Online Courses.

Mary is also the owner of the trademarked brand Brow Life® training & procedure products.

“The result of my work reflects my true artistic ability. I truly LOVE what I do!The passion I feel for my work and sense of responsibility to my client comes through in every procedure I do, for once I’ve touched their face, it will be changed forever”


Use code FESTIVE25 at enrollment to receive 25% OFF!